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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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the plaquered from deceased holders tha. is probably something that the agency would need to work with state with, a lot of the people are using the plaqarded of the deceased members of their family or not from mare family and that is obviously not okay. and we also think that getting the lowering expense of the technology and the police and whatnot that the enforcement actions to recover misused plaqared be video recorded in order to prosecute people engaged in personnel altercations, it is acceptable
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for people to abuse the personnel and any other personnel who are involved in the recovery of plaqards or any of the enforcement activities of the agency. also we recommend that further study be given to how the time limits and use impact the working people with disabilities whose parking needs exceed four hours. many of them work full time jobs and we want to see if there is some way to carve out the ability for them to park for the time necessary. there is a lot of considerations about the need of making sure that those are
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valid needs and whatnot, we think that population needs to be recognized specifically and that the program, might be able to be improved to meet their needs that the recommendation that i bring to you on the final day of recommendations and i want to thank you again, the board and mr. chairman for this recognition and i look forward to and look for toward for years of being involved with this agency. >> i am glad to see that you will be with us in one way or another going forward. >> thank you, very much. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> item nine, public comment,
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the public to address on matters not on the calendar, michael barrette and followed by lance caners and then phillip co-born. >> good afternoon. >> my name is michael barrette and i am with save muni and i have worked for four years of trying to be effective with the municipal railway input and i am here today to talk about the central subway and the fact that i used to run a business in north beach and i know north beach and i take public transportation all of the time and so i am relatively an expert. and now what i would like to say is, we should stop in china town. and not go all the way over to north beach. it is going to disrupt north beach for two years, at the
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minimum. and the thing is that if you just pull the machines out since you are hell bent ongoing over to north beach and disassemble them in china town, it will save a lot of anx and disruption. >> and so that way, everybody gets what they want and everybody wins and like the lotto there is a 70 million bonus to help to fund the rest of the project and i think that the mta should concentrate on what you should put or be doing is running the transit agency and the last report in the press, any way, was that you are 55 percent on time, with public transportation. that is abhoren t it was supposed to be 85 percent by now. >> thank you for your attention. >> next speaker, please? >> carns, followed by phillip
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coborn and sarah coborn. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> mr. nolan and board members. mr. riskin. my name is lance carns and i am a resident of north beach and i want to talk about the central subway north beach construction. i want to bring your attention to a letter written on may 28th by former supervisor erin preskin it was copied to this board and letters also available at the website no north beach >> many problems with the pagoda option are pointed out. one that needs the immediate attention is you will spend a maximum of 6 million dollars on the option and march first, contractor estimate came in at 10.6 million dollars. and there were a lot of exclusions and it is likely
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that these will go higher *. so the board needs to adopt a new resolution raising the construction cap above 6 million. muni posted a number to build a theater demolition that will begin by the end of the month. the sunshine request for plans and cost of the project, came back with no responsive documents. and we did a sunshine request for a geo tech report based on april test and it came back with no responsive documents. and as far as i know the demolition contractor has not been selected. so there are nine businesses in june and it is not likely that the demo will start as far as the over all central subway project and budget and schedule, we did a sunshine request for the oversight contractor report and we were told no responsive documents so it seems as if things are difficult for the budget and schedule and so to save on the
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central subway budget, we urge you to delete the pagota option and save $70 million. >> commissionerers? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> as a resident of san francisco, and with the high regard for north beach, and what is happening there, it is a great mistake to just destroy one of the city's great neighborhoods within the construction dirt, noise, etc. and not only will the project take away the business from the local restaurant, shops and etc., tourists that we depend to come to the city will stay away from the area. who wants a vacation in a war zone of noise and you know,
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noise? >> i say that the project makes no sense. >> sarah colbern. charles minister and herbert winer. >> they should not be disrupting the area and in order to use the tunnel machine that will be used to create the china town subway, it is not necessary. north beach is a much used area by us and by the tourists and everybody loves north beach and it needs to be treated as such.
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the money will be better used. and we love north beach and we want to keep its uniqueness and charm for everyone. >> charles a resident of san francisco and a member of the senior disability action. and at first i want to give a salute to all of the union workers at muni who keep this system running in spite of the forced align against it. and i want to revisit the program whereby you have a uniform shake down squad that costs the public of the members use in your facility. and to find out if they paid their 75 cents of two dollars.
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i want the geary bus getting off and there they are, about five or six of them. across the grandmothers with the walkers. the mothers with infants and the veterans with crutches and canes, and they pay their 75 cents or two dollars, i don't see anybody down on montgomery street checking the bankers who stole billion and continue to still billions and i don't see anybody checking apple who don't pay their taxes and more than that, by the way we are still, spending eight dollars to collect one dollar. so from the tackle in the pool and the working people of this society. i wonder what you do to the homeless people who can't pay and go down to saint anthony and dock their meals? there is nothing too low. stop to kill harding out in the bay view because he did not
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have a transfer. so this system decayed and you want to make this a nice, friendly place for condos so you can have a tax base and do all that you can to chase the working people and the poor out and you don't do a damn thing to the bankers and corporations. >> herbert winer and followed by hansukim and wood. >> herbert winer, stake holder. they should site the bicycles who go through the lights. there are not enough cops to cover this there are much more needs in the city. but what is to stop the parking and traffics to site the bicycles going through the red light and they see it all of the time in the intersection
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and this would be a buned of the cash for mta which is begging for bucks and staring you right in the face and there must be with 100 of these violations a day, multiply that by 100 dollars, per violation, and really you have a goal line here, and you might not be hurting. so, instead of going after, the drivers and their parking meters and everything, why not start that? and if you must, charge people, and you must do some parking meters, i think that the bicyclists. >> hans, sue, kim followed by john woods and howard strasner. >> good afternoon, nolan and fellow directors. i think that we all here want a
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world class taxi cab service in san francisco and my feeling is that despite the efforts of chris, haoshi and riskin we are nowhere near there, my feeling is that the rise of these new services as been caused to our lack of reliability and our quality of service as a taxi industry as a whole. so this industry as a whole is to be blamed for the raise of these other services. and what astonishing me is that we are in a position where we have 33 color schemes and eleven dispatch serves and we have allowed half of the medallions to do half of the pick ups and we are that inefficient as a industry still. and half of the medallions and the tax i cabs are not doing neighborhood calls they are
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just doing flags and airports, we must create aoe standards that are high and become a reliable service and going to be eaten and you have to follow the oversight that we do. and we as a company and a situation, where i have to really consider because, i have not gotten the support and the insensitives to provide the services that i need as a company to consider changing my model. do i want to be a taxi cab service or a sedan service? i can make money in a deregulated system and i don't want to go that route. i am asking you that if we are going to solve this problem, we must make sure that we have the highest standards of service and we are supporting the companies that are doing the bulk of our services.
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>> joan, wood, howard strasner and the last person who will speak is (inaudible) lawrence. >> good afternoon, miss woods. >> good afternoon, i'm joan wood. and lived in north beach for 49 continuous years and i am here for the plan to take the boring machine heads or all of them at a location called the pagota theater and it is quite near where i live. the problem really started years ago when north beach was not notified of public meetings that would eventually lead to this, we were not considered a stake holder. unknown reasons, why, seven other stake holders including china town, not us. so most of us just find out that you are going to go 4.4
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miles of it has been in the eir and no one knew about it. rather recently it was decided that, it would be in our best interest, and north beach's best interest to extract the boring machines and these giant machines from the pagota theater which has been an eye sore to most people and i have gotten used to it myself. and so pretty inventive graffiti has been painted over it and i am used to it as part of north beach which makes it charming to me. and i have lived in the same apartment for 48 years, of course it is rent controlled that i why i stay there. it is impossible to change the plan and leave these machines in the ground at the china town station, this was offered to us in the public meeting, on january 22nd, five options were printed out for us.
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it is not as if, director riskin did not know about it and supposedly all of the options were supposed to be presented to you and option two, is leaving them or taking them out of china town was not apresented, and i have never figured out why, change your minds about this, thank you. >> howard strasner followed by amy law ens, those are the last two people. >> i thought since i don't have class during the summer i would come by as often as i can to give you guys a lecture on parking. >> and about a month ago, one of the supervisors called a hearing on parking. and when i got there, in the middle of the hearing, i noticed our director, riskin just (inaudible) with the bench as if he had been wrestling with three tigers at the same time on the floor of the coliseum and i am the only person who spoke that the muni
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and mta were doing a good job on the portion and parking. and so i thought, an overview would consist of just dealing with that one supervisor. that one supervisor knows that muni has to work better, that when supervisor knows that we have to do more for the pedestrian safety. also knows that you can't take away the parking from anybody. an overview that we show and the first thing that we looked at. the tip and the tip study, they show us that the downward slope of the muni speed and how does that respond with the increasing numbers of parking in driving in san francisco? and car ownership? precisely directly. if you don't believe tha, have you to look at your own studies about the drt that when you move the bus away from the cars it does well pretty quickly. this is going to be a long series of limited each time,
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but, and then, i will eat my own neighborhood, and a quarter of century, neighborhood and they wanted to put the red paint on the crosswalks and you said that you can't do that and that will take away the parking, we started to whisper about putting some paint around which is required by city law, oh, no you can't talk about that, it gets rid of parking, so there say lot to talk about and next month we will deal with the history of parking in san francisco, thanks a lot. >> lawrence? >> good afternoon. >> you have three minutes? >> no. >> short list, today. and ladies and gentlemen, and commissions good afternoon, for the record, my name is amele law ens, i have been a resident of the city and county of san francisco for 44 years and a taxi driver for 15 years. i am here for the first time today to tell you that i am not
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going to give the speeches to the commission every speech that i make will go to the board of supervisors at the same time, i have had up to here with your fines and harvesting of taxi drivers and the fees to squeeze us for pensions and liabilities that are not ours but yours. we don't have friends and fans, we don't have medical plans, we don't have dental plans, but we are paying for yours. i have collected a whole bunch of the manuals that is going to the board of supervisors i have a letter going to the mayor. mayor lee, to advise him of what is taking place in the taxi business. >> i am a taxi holder and i am going to be paying you on 30th, $4500 for something that i considered fraud. picking up ran fan taxi, wheelchairs, para transit
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holders that any taxi can pick up. collapsable wheelchairs that any wheelchair can pick up. and you pay $50 a pick up and you pay mobile. $50, and you don't have one of those ramps to a taxi driver. we are instructed to hold out at hospitals for hours after hours. >> picking up for $17 or $18 that is what it is all about, i am tired of being harvested by this commission, by the mta. i thank you for the time on this issue, and there are seven letters and the copy to the mayor. >> mr. chairman that is the last person. >> and then the consent calendar? >> mary mcchoir, one of my
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customers described our current administration as master for taxi and i thought that was appropriate, and i don't know if the idea is to just flood the streets with cabs and let us all fight it out sort of a social darwinism situation, the morale is really bad and i have been told that there as many as 4,000 out there, and they are just everywhere and they are coming from... i have heard that they are coming from all over the country now and we have seen them from out of state. and if you are driving around you see the black cars and the tcerebral palsy just drive around and you see them. and then, cab drivers keep coming up to me and calling me every day and just distraught and saying that why isn't the city doing anything? i tell you something and she says, no we want do anything because they will sue.
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let them sue, this city attorney right here is 100 times better than any attorney that they have had. i was at the rule making sessions and it is just a big, it is all spin, this city attorney could take them on and anybody in this city and let them, because i think that if the rule making comes back and it decides against them i think that they are going to go on ahead and do anything that they want, i have that feeling. so we have to be ready to take this on. and also, they are in violation of the ada. and we have, i mean, that there are grounds right there. and they are running businesses, and there are as many of them as there are taxis now and they are not complying with the american's with disabilities act. i am sorry i am frustrated. you know i have better things that i would like to do every week. but okay, thank you for. >> thank you. >> anyone else here to address the board under public comment?
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>> director brinkman has a question. >> i actually just wanted to circle back on the parking issue. we talked about it a lot and the director brought it up the reward for the park and which is deserved and mentioned one of the things that we did was take away the free parking for city employees and our own employees and i remember that they were actually two unions that i believe still have the free parking in their contract and i remember at the the of the neglectization we were told that those would come up for negotiation again in whatever amount of time it was and i think that is approaching. i know that it is going to be touchy subject and it is something that we need to do to finish the transition of our own employees and city employees. >> is that up, soon? >> all of our contracts will be up for negotiation at the end of next fiscal year, so it will beginning the process during the next fiscal year. >> okay.
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>> just to follow up on commissioner mcquire's comments do we have an idea of when they will rule on the rule making decision? or not bound to any time line? >> yes. dr. heinieke. >> as we understand it, that is why the administrative law judge is expecting to issue his proposed decisions on behalf of the president of the commission in july. >> and what would be the time line would it then have to be approved by the commission and that sort of thing? >> it will have to go to the commission for approval. >> what was the estimated time there? >> a couple of months, but i am happy to check with them again and see if they can give us more information. >> i mean, okay. i asked the question, because the folks in the industry are all, who are here and care about this know what is going on and so that also, they don't
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think that we are looking at this issue as something on permanent delay and it is something that we have a forecast coming decision. >> thank you. >> anybody else? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> moving on to the consent calendar. >> these are routine, unless the member of the board or the public wish to have it severed. i have received no requests to sever an item. >> motion on the consent calendar? >> okay. all in favor, aye. >> >> item 11, regarding the presentation and discussion of regarding the stma bike straggy and needs assessment. >> director riskin is presenting to us on this one. >> good afternoon, directors. >> good afternoon, unfortunately, our planning director who is meant to be here presenting and speaking much more intelligently and
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with a better accent than i was unable to be here and so i am going to attempt to... since we had noticed the meeting and i know that there are people here to speak to it we did not want to put it off. but we had to come to you back in january at our off-site workshop and given you an overview of the strategy and i think that recently, vice chair asked that we come back and provide an update and so, we are here to do that. this is meant to be an informational item of what we are doing and where we are heading and we look forward to the discussion and the direction from the board and of course the public comment. >> so, if we could go to the slides. what we have laid out, and i believe, previously, was kind of the process by which we are going to advance this strategy. and it was this, there was not a plan, as in the previous bike
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plan it was a strategy meant to provide a framework for how we would advance that part of our strategic plan that directs us to shift people to make it more attractive to people, to get out of their cars and avail themselves of other forms of transportation, including active forms such as cycling. so, we started you may recall, by doing establishing the needs assessment methodology. and i don't know if we are going to go back and review that. but, yeah, i guess that we will. it had to do with basically using this kind of comfort index. and that we presented to you back in january. and we then, applied that strategy, or that method, and that methodology to our bike network and we have completed that assessment and so now we
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know basically looking across the city at the bike network, what routes are at what level of have what level of need in order to bring them up to the standard that we ultimately would like all of them to be. and the next steps including establishing 8 to 80 bicycle team and 8 to 80 referring to the desire to have the facilities at a state where they are comfortable and attractive for people from the ages 8 to 80. and trying to use data that we get from people out there. as basically data points to crowd source from them. to enhance data collection. and what this will all do then is that it will feed in to our capitol program. and i know that is going to be probably a subject of a lot of discussion as really how do we fund all of this stuff? we are really trying to refine the needs assessment so as we go into the next capitol
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budgeting cycle, that we have, a good, understanding of what our needs are. and a defined capitol improvement program to be able to recommend. and from that once we have the capitol budget in place, then it is really implementation, which is what the... what is on the right side of the slide and of course, it will need to be a phase implementation depending on the funding level, but we are trying to do what we can to figure out ways to implement the efficiently and effectively as possible. >> so just a little bit about the methodology. we basically start with a full level of 5 points and then, detract or subtract from that five based on different character